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Evelyn D. Harrison is a published nature and wildlife photographer. Her publications include the Arizona Highways Wildlife Guide, Arizona Wildlife Views, and Photographic Elements Techniques.

Evelyn is also a wildlife artist whose primary choice of mediums is scratchboard. Scratchboard is a subtractive form engraving that utilizes a masonite panel that is coated with a white kaolin clay and then airbrushed with a thin layer of black India ink. Abrasive and sharp tools are then used to lightly scratch away the black ink and expose the white clay below. The direction and pressure exerted on the tool used determines the amount of white that is revealed and can be used to yield highly detailed, precise, and evenly textured artwork. The resulting image can then be colored with inks if desired. These ink and clay layers can then be scraped off little by little to create different shades of color and depth. This technique can yield a very graphic image that can be quite detailed. The result can be a very realistic three dimensional image. ‚Äč

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